Monday, December 31, 2012

Mitt arbete är färdigt?

Dear Friends,

Exactly two years ago I began this blog project, my little tribute to Pettersson on his 100th anniversary year, with the intent of listening to all of his orchestral works before his big birthday on 19 September 2011. Seeing that I just posted my thoughts on the Symphony No. 1 just under two weeks ago, it goes without saying that I did not even come close to making my intended deadline. 

Regardless, during this time I have immersed myself in Pettersson’s music to a level of depth which I have not attempted with any other composer I know. I have been haunted, disturbed, sometimes even harassed to the point of insomnia by this music. During this survey I have reassessed works which I had given up on in the past, several of which now rank among my favorites. I have gained an exponentially greater appreciation of this music and the profound message that it carries.

During this time I have had the privilege of seeing Pettersson’s music performed live. I have performed Pettersson’s music on one of the greatest stages in all of classical music. I have visited Pettersson's grave and his old neighborhoods in Stockholm. I have been quoted on the radio, word-for-word (unacknowledged!) by the BBC. Christian Lindberg has visited this blog and left comments. Guest writers have contributed to this blog, their writings insightful and often deeply moving. Readers from all over the world have visited, from the casual to the die-hard Pettersson fan, from the curious to those who simply stumbled upon this blog by accident. I never expected to receive so many visitors, and I am extremely grateful for your support and comments. 

In addition to being my tribute to Pettersson, I have hoped that this blog has and will continue to serve as an English-language resource to this great composer. However, having made it through all of the orchestral works, I think my work here if finished. Having said that, I will still come back with information on upcoming concerts, concert reviews, and hopefully more guest blog entries. If it is Pettersson-related, I will do my best to present it here. 

Keep listening to this music. Keep studying this music. Keep spreading the word. I sincerely hope that during my lifetime, Pettersson’s music will go the way of Mahler: his time will come. 

See you around!


  1. Thank you, Derek!
    Your descriptions inspired me to listen to some of the less known pieces of Petterssons music.

  2. Congratulations on an heroic endeavour!
    After many years of loving, but only partially knowing, AP's music realise it's time I took my exploration t another level - to the level this magnificent music demands and deserves. I'll be using your example as my guide and model.

  3. Hi Derek

    A truly magnificent achievement. I will read and re-read all your thoughts. Pettersson's work dominates my listening as much now as it has done for the past 25 years. How I wish that the BBC would recognise his genius as you and I do.

  4. Thanks for you comments, and hopefully see you in Norrköping in November for the performances of 4 and 16!

  5. Thank you for your wonderful page. Did you know the 7th will be performed in California next month?

    It'll be the first Pettersson symphony performed in the US in about 30 years!

  6. Yes, I do know about the performance, and I hope it will be the start of many more concerts of Pettersson in the states!