Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ny säsong 2012-2013 är Pettersson-fri, tack MSO och SRSO!!!

The new seasons of the Malmö SO and the Swedish Radio SO  are online now, and guess what, no Pettersson!!! I didn't think it would be possible that Sweden would neglect their foremost symphonist, I mean, here in Finland we never hear Sibelius and Bruckner is practically unheard of in Austria...

(sorry if you didn't pick up on my somewhat bitter sarcasm)

I guess it will be just Norrköping this year, on the assumption that there will be no changes.

Slowly working my way through the Concerto No. 2 for Violin and Orchestra. Hopefully something here soon.


  1. However there are some good news, too. Now one can get professional CD transfers from the following Allan Pettersson LPs via a commercial provider:
    - Symphony No.6 Norrköping S.O./Kamu
    - Symphony No.8 Baltimore S.O./Comissiona
    - Symphony No.9 Göteborgs S.O./Comissiona
    - Symphony No.10 Swedish R.S.O./Dorati

    Furthermore one can receive recordings of the following live performances by free download:
    - Symphony No.7 Netherlands R.P.O./Kofman
    - Symphony No.8 Chicago S.O./Varujan Kojian
    - Symphony No.4 Swedish R.S.O./Segerstam (live)
    - Symphony No.5 Swedish R.S.O./Westerberg (World premiere performance)
    - Symphony No.6 Swedish R.S.O./Westerberg (World premiere performance)


  2. Would certainly like to know where free downloads of those live recodings are available from. Haven't been able to find them.

  3. Thanks - much appreciated. Truly a treasure trove.