Monday, April 23, 2012

Nej, Nej!!!

After the Pettersson "overload" last year of mostly performances of the Barefoot Songs and the Symphony No. 7 (there were many major exceptions, however), it appears that the major Swedish orchestras are going back to business as usual in neglecting Pettersson, who just happens to be Sweden's major symphonist. Both the Göteborg Symphony and the Royal Stockholm Phil have recently released their 2012-2013 schedules, and Pettersson is noticeably absent. Word on the street is that the Lindberg will be performing the Symphony No. 9 in Norrköping this coming season, but unless Malmö or the Swedish Radio Symphony have something big coming up (doubt it), it looks like last year was your year to get your live Pettersson fix. 

Disappointed? Yes. Surprised? Unfortunately not in the least.

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  1. Symphony No.9 with Lindberg in Norrköping. Great!
    I analysed Pettersson's 9th recently and found out that the symphony portrays Swedens longest river Klarälven-Göta Älf.
    Details in a manuscript available on my webpage
    (I made also an English version of the manuscript)