Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy 100!!!

Dear Friends,

For those of you following this blog you have most likely noticed the recent lack of updates, as I am currently focusing my musical energy on preparing for an audition. But I’m sure you knew I wouldn’t forget this day!

Happy 100th birthday, Allan!

Although I did not make my initial goal of surveying all the orchestral works before this day, I am still more than happy to continue working on this blog over the coming months. There are still many more works to get through, a new recording of Pettersson’s first two symphonies, and a documentary film. I will be in Norrköping for the performance of Symphony No. 6 (I have been waiting 12 years to hear a live performance of this piece) and I hope that early next year I can write about my experiences as an orchestral musician playing Pettersson.

It pains me greatly to say this but I will have to miss two very important upcoming events: the weekend of concerts put on by the Swedish Pettersson society the first weekend of October (I’ll be in the states) and the German performances of the Concerto No. 2 for violin and orchestra and the Seven Sonatas in November, as it is at the same time as the Norrköping concerts (gah!!!). Still, one should be very grateful that these performances are taking place, even if I have to miss them…

In honor of this unsung master’s birthday, I encourage all of you to listen to your favorite work(s) or any of these radio programs celebrating this occasion. While listening, think about why Pettersson’s music is important to you; think about what grabbed you, moved you, or blew you away the first time you heard this music. Think about how Pettersson, whose life was filled with suffering and indignity, summoned from every corner of his being a sheer force of will and an unbreakable spirit to create this music.

As for me, I’ll be glued to my computer radio listening to the Deutschland Radio program.

The survey resumes next month, after my audition. Talk to you all then!

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