Monday, March 14, 2011

Symfoni No 6 i Norrköping!!!

Last summer I spoke to Christian Lindberg very briefly after his performance of the Symphony No. 7 in Cologne. We spoke about future performances in his Pettersson series, and he said the Symphony No. 6 was next. Of course I was extremely excited, but I was hesitant to mention it here because one never knows how these things work out.

A huge thanks to Alexander Keuk for getting in contact with the people at the Norrköping Symphony and getting the CONFIRMATION for these performances. Check it out here.

In case the German intimidated you, here is the summary: 3 November in Norrköping, 4 November in Linköping. Be there. Be there!  

UPDATE, 17 March 2011: These performances are now listed on Gehrman's website. It looks like this is really happening! Christian Lindberg still needs to update his website...

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